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Alexis and Chuck|Engagement Session|Lake Stevens WA

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

If there was a dream session, today was it! I first met Alexis and Chuck last year at a

wedding I shot with Aja Dawn Photography. They were both part of the wedding party. You know those people you meet and you instantly vibe with? Alexis is one of those people. From the moment we met she has been making me laugh hysterically by being herself. She is a pure firecracker mixed with beauty and wit. When I saw her and Chuck got engaged, I squealed like a little school girl because honestly they are made for each other.

Fast forward to today when we shot their engagement photos. I knew Alexis was hilarious but I did not realize Chuck is her equal in that department. If they ever had a reality tv show, I would never miss an episode. These two feed off each other when it comes to their inappropriate jokes, silliness, and charm. Today was absolutely a dream session of mine. From my first shot until this moment when I am typing this blog I have had a smile on my face thanks to these two.

If this session is any indication on how their marriage will be, it will be filled with laughter, joy, sexiness, sass, and all that's the best in marriage. It is clear how perfect they are for each other and I can't wait for the wedding!!!

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