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Lonnie and Ken| Engagement Photography| Snohomish Wedding Photographer

Have you ever met a couple that just beamed with love and passion? Lonnie and Ken are that couple. Their love is easy to capture because it is truly written all over their faces.

Lonnie reached out to me to capture their engagement photos. From the moment we started chatting I knew that we would get a long. She is a positive ray of sunshine, and then you add Ken and his charisma and you have a recipe for magic that every photographer dreams about.

We met on a sunny afternoon in Kayak point, as I pulled up my car I saw two golden retrievers in the back of their car and I legit squealed like a little kid on Christmas morning.

It should be noted that I am dog obsessed, and any session that includes a cute doggie is a win in my book.

It has been awesome to become friends with these two and watch them go from an engaged couple to man and wife.

I also got to take senior photos for Lonnie's son, but that will be featured in another blog post, so stay tuned!

I know you are here too see the pics, so I will stop boring you and get right to it! Hope you enjoy.

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