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The Sweetest Homecoming|Family Photography|Everett, WA

Do you believe in the universe always sending the right people at the right time your way? I totally do, and that is what happened with Kristen posted on Facebook that her husband was coming back from a Navy Deployment and she wanted to capture those moments forever.

Kristen is a warrior, she relocated her two kiddos, a dog, and her belongings from Florida to Washington while her husband Matt was deployed. And she got to Washington in the middle of the winter, which is quite different than a winter in Florida.

I sent her a message that it would be an honor to capture his return, and the rest is history.

Fun fact, she is also a photographer and a girl filled with kindness and humor that has me laughing so hard every time we get together.

After I did this session we became friends and now send each other silly memes and text pretty much daily. I am so glad we met and I know our friendship will blossom for years to come.

Warning, you may need some tissues after you see these photos.

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